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Discover the diverse range of organizations that have trusted MWSearch to unlock their potential in the behavioral health sector. Our commitment to excellence and tailored approach has enabled us to forge lasting partnerships with industry leaders, delivering exceptional talent that drives growth and success. Explore the valued clients who have experienced the MW Search difference.

Community Mental Health Centers

MW Search frequently works with community mental health centers. These unique nonprofit organizations are often replete with an excellent array of talented and deeply committed, mission-driven professionals. Such organizations must require their key hires be similarly high caliber, committed and attuned the collegial interdisciplinary culture that has been created. MW Search is proud to serve such organizations in pursuit of filling such crucial roles.

Federally Qualified Health Centers

The challeneges inherent to CMHCs, as mentioned above, are very similar in FHQC's, look-alikes and similar. Such health Centers with a primare care focus have increasingly been incorporating behavioral health services which is an integration we are deeply proud to serve. Quite often, such organizations require additional talent acquisition ability when seeking to grow in this way.

Academic Medicine

When an academic medical center's department of Psychiatry needs a new Chair, a new Vice-Chair or perhaps a high level administrator, MW Search should be front in center as the search firm of choice to enlist. Furthermore, when such a deparment seeks a highly specialized heavioral health research position that requires laser precision in who is sought, MW Search is unsurpassed in our ability to perform where others could not.

Community / General Hospitals

Increasingly, hospitals are becoming more and more attune to the realization that failing to properly invest in its behavioral health capacity is not just a problem for the local community but also to the functioning of the hospital itself. When those who oversee this function are not top notch, its not only a problem for the psych department but for everyone in the hospital and the local community. MW Search is quite experienced at finding the quality behavioral health talent needed to ensure hospitals are have the proper leaders at the helm who are up to what is admittedly a very important challenge.

Freestanding Psychiatric Facilities /
State Hospitals

Those facilities that house the chronically, persistently mentally ill of higher to highest degree of acuity are among both the most challenging and at the same time most rewarding place for a quality healthcare executives to work but it truly calls for a very particular individual and it is certainly not for everyone. When there is a very specific environoment, it calls for a very specific candidate and most often one with very deep experience. MW Search is expert at targeting such such candidates for the purpose of recruiting them to just such an organization.

Residential / SUD / Disordered Eating
Treatment Centers

Whether they be specific to overall psychiatric illness, substance use disorder, disordered eating or for co-occurring disorders, the one thing all residential treatment facilities having in common is that the quality of therapeutic intervention they can provide is heavily predicated upon the quality of individual who works in such setttings. This is why this very particular market segment of behavioral health can exist anywhere from deeply inspiring places of healing where people come back to life, all the way down to outright harmful. We take the task of assisting such organizations to recruit its leaders very seriously. If such organization falls into this category, we will only work with them should they meet certain accreditation standards.

Forensic / Correctional Settings

It it now generally well accepted that a very large percentage of the offending population of the US also suffers from untreated mental illness. The challenge of addressing the overlap of the criminal justice sytem with mental health is not one that can be taken lightly and not one answered well by mediocre personel. Concepts like competency restoration and risk assessment and similar existing under the aegis of anything but dedication, vigilance and that which is provided by highly capable executives is a very big problem, so we take our work in seeking highly qualified individuals to work in such settings.


At MW Search, we pride ourselves on forging lasting relationships with both clients and candidates, driven by our commitment to excellence in behavioral health executive recruitment. Our success is measured not just by the placements we make, but by the glowing testimonials we receive from satisfied partners. Read on to discover firsthand accounts of the positive impact our tailored and results-oriented approach has had on the behavioral health industry.

Working with MW Search has been a game-changer for our organization. Their in-depth understanding of the behavioral health field helped us find the perfect candidate. Truly professional and efficient!

Emily T

Ceo & Founder

Our collaboration with MW Search and Bo has been outstanding. Their deep knowledge of the behavioral health sector and genuine commitment to finding the ideal match led to a seamless and highly successful recruitment process.

Susan M

Executive Director

MW Search's personalized approach and commitment to finding the right fit has made a significant impact on our company. Their expertise in behavioral health recruitment is unmatched.

James M

Director of Operations

I cannot recommend MW Search enough. Their dedication to understanding our organization's unique needs resulted in hiring an exceptional executive who has become an invaluable asset.

Lisa S


The team at MW Search is incredibly knowledgeable and supportive throughout the recruitment process. Their attention to detail ensured that we found the ideal candidate to lead our program.

Robert J

Clinical Director

MW Search has been instrumental in helping our organization attract top talent in the behavioral health sector. Their professionalism and industry insights have made a lasting impact on our team's success.

Karen W

VP of Human Resources

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